What type of fuses are there?

Type of fuse

Due to their versatility, the market offers a wide variety of fuse types. High-pressure applications are used in many industrial production facilities, as is the case in the automotive industry. Their purpose is to make the fuse easy to replace, allowing the end user to get the device or car back to work as quickly as possible. Fuses used to be an essential part of every home. However, with the advent and introduction of domestic circuit breakers, fuses have become useless in the domestic market.

①Vehicle fuse

Vehicle fuses help keep all electrical wiring and equipment in the vehicle safe. Four different types of vehicle fuses are available for different applications in vehicles. These are blade fuses, glass tube (Bosch) fuses, fuse strips and current limiting fuses. Available as clips, fuse holder connection harnesses or junction boxes. Blade fuses are easy to replace, just pull out the old fuse and plug in the new one to get the job done. They come in six sizes with different grades. The 6 sizes of blade fuses are called maxi, ATO, mini



Low side high, micro2 and micro3 fuses.

②Bolt welding fuse

Bolted fuses are one of the most commonly used fuses in the industry. They are cylindrical and have connectors at both ends where the user screws the fuse to the circuit. They are available in a wide range of sizes and current ratings and are therefore widely used. They generally have lower power losses and are often used in high-density mount applications.

③ Bottle fuse

There are five sizes of bottle melters with the same diameter as the screw hole of the adapter. This prevents the risk of the user placing an inappropriate type of fuse in the circuit. When the bottle breaker is burned out, the color display of the safety bottle will pop up to let the user know that the fuse is burned out and the circuit condition.

④Tubular fuse

There are contacts at both ends of the tube fuse, and the middle is a fuse suitable for 240V circuits. There are also many kinds of tube fuses, such as metal ring fuses with a rated current of 60A, or tubes with large capacity and contact pieces at both ends. type fuse. These fuses provide protection for circuits up to 600A.

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Post time: Feb-15-2022