we organized all workers to travel to Yuliao

Yuliao scenic spot locates in Yuliao, Mazhan Town, which is at the southeast of Cangnan County, Zhejiang Province. Its east is adjacent to the sea, and the south is next to Xiaguan town, also the north is closed to Chixi town, meanwhile the west approaches to Mazhan town. It covers 18.5 square kilometers. Its mountain area is from north to south, which is surrounded by green mountains and green pines at the northwest. It is rich in grain, vegetables and fruits, also is an important fishing Township in Cangnan County. There are more than 10 kinds of fishing which are exported to foreign countries. Clam, swimming crab, grouper and other aquatic resources are very rich, which are sold very well in Japan, Hong Kong and Macao. Pleasant climate, broad beach, rare reefs, blue sea, natural islands have constituted a unique coastal features. There are totally 68 scenic areas,which is composed by Golden Beach, Music Stone, Sixteen fantastic Reef and fog city etc… In 1991, it was designated as a provincial scenic spot and is a new tourism area.

Before the Mersen Changxing project starting, in order to enrich our cultural life, and enhance the cohesion of company, also appreciate all of workers’ hard working, we organized all workers to travel to Yuliao. Through this activity, we can promote mutual understanding, and would create a united, active and progressive atmosphere. Everyone are fully relaxed and adjusted body and mind, enjoyed this trip. Thanks, Mersen!


Post time: Nov-18-2020