The role and classification of fuses

The role of the fuse

A fuse refers to a current protector made of this principle when the current exceeds the specified value for a period of time, the melt is melted by the heat generated by itself, and the circuit is disconnected.

Fuses are widely used in high and low voltage power distribution systems and control systems as well as electrical equipment. As a short circuit and overcurrent protector, it is one of the most commonly used protection devices.

Classification of fuses

There are also many classifications of fuses, which can be divided into high-voltage fuses and low-voltage fuses according to the voltage used. According to the protection object, it can be divided into fuses for protecting transformers and general electrical equipment, fuses for protecting voltage transformers, fuses for protecting power capacitors, fuses for protecting semiconductor components, fuses for protecting motors and fuses for protecting household appliances. fuses, etc. According to the structure, it can be divided into open type, semi-closed type, tubular type and spray type fuse.

Post time: Jul-09-2022