Fuse bases

  • Fuse monitoring devices

    Fuse monitoring devices

    It is made up of the following parts:1. Melt striker, 2. Micro switch (with one normal close contact and one normal open contact), 3. A base for the striker and the switch. Fuse monitoring devices are usually paralleled under the lid fastening screws at the ends of the fuse. When the fuse breaks, the striking pin springs out of the striker, the microswitch pushed and signal sent out or circuit cut down. Then distance between the two fastening ends can be adjusted in a certain range for paralleling to fuses with different heights.
  • Fuse Bases For Square Pipe Fuses With Knife Contacts

    Fuse Bases For Square Pipe Fuses With Knife Contacts

    Place of Origin: Zhejiang, China
    Brand Name: Mersen
    Model Number: RT16/NH/NT
    Usage: LOW VOLTAGE
    Breaking Capacity: 100kA
    Safety Standards: IEC60269&GB13539
    Product name: RT16/NH/NT
    Rated current: 6-1250A
    Material: ceramic
    Rated voltage: AC690V/DC440V
    Application: a full-range breaking capacity for general application
    Fuse type: Fuse Holder Types
  • Special Fuse Bases / Holders

    Special Fuse Bases / Holders

    There are two kinds of structures for this type of fuse bases; One is made up with fuse carrier, The bolting fuse link is
    installed to the carrier, then it is inserted to static contacts of the supporter / base. There is no carrier for the other structure,
    where the bolting fuse is directly installed to the static contacts of the supporter / base. The company can also produce other non-standard bases at the customers`requirements.
  • Cylindrical Fuse Holders

    Cylindrical Fuse Holders

    After the plastic-injected case is equipped with contacts and fuse links, the bases are formed by welding or riveting both capable of being multi-phase structured. FB15C, FB16-3J, FB19C-3J, Rt19 are open-structure, and others are semiconcealed structure. There are five fuses sizes available to choose from for the same fuse base of RT18N, RT18B and RT18C, There are two sets of in-out lines for RT18N. One is
    installed with fuse links fuse links of the according size. The other is a permanent open contacts with double breaking points. The whole base unit can cut the power. Rt18 bases are all DIN rail installed, among which the RT18L is equipped with safety lock against wrong operation in the breaking state.
  • Fuse Bases For Square Pipe Fuses With Knife Contacts

    Fuse Bases For Square Pipe Fuses With Knife Contacts

    The bases are made up of high-density ceramic, heat-resistant resin board and wedge-shaped static contacts in a open structure. The product is featured with good heat sinking, high mechanic density, reliable connection and simple operation. It is available for all NH000-NH4 fuses.